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Spain :Controversial video shows the death of a young man at the hands of five guards in a juvenile center.

Spain :Controversial video shows the death of a young man at the hands of five guards in a juvenile center.

The widespread newspaper “El Pais” published a New video footage showing that an 18-year-old Moroccan boy who died in the custody of Spanish juvenile detention center officials on July 1, 2019, the victim did not express violent resistance to the Spanish Civil Guard, according to the circulated video clip.

A petition was signed to demand that Spanish courts reopen the file of Iliass Tahiri, after new evidence of his death surfaced that reveals shocking details covered up by officials involved in his restraint.
Video footage has showed that six detention center officials had suffocated Elias by tying him, and a security officer appeared, putting his knee on the boy’s back, for several minutes, without removing it, which led to his death lying on his stomach above the bed.

The video includes two clips, each around six minutes, and shows the boy handcuffed while his feet were tightly tied inside a small room.

Officials have violated  the protocols of Spain’s Association for the Management of Social Integration, according to the latest evidence, and their report contains a number of fabricated allegations apparent about Elias' death.

Iliass Tahiri family lodged an appeal against the Spanish court’s decision, earlier, and expressed doubts that the late son had died as a result of expressing violent resistance.

Her brother, Anass Tahiri, has denounced the treatment Iliass received at the Tierras de Oria center since his arrival. “They treated my brother badly,” says this young resident in Algeciras ,and a coordinator received him with threats. 

Anass assures that Iliass was “not being given a good sleep” and that they administered medication without anyone’s authorization.

The director of the Tierras de Oria center, Manuel Madrid Saavedra, presented his resignation a week ago, alleging” personal, family reasons and physical and psychological exhaustion “.

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