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Morocco's Healty State of Emergency Entered Into Effect.

Morocco's Healty State of Emergency Entered  Into Effect.

Morocco's Healty State of Emergency Entered  Into Effect.

Morocco's state of emergency entered into force on friday at 6 p.m until further notice, in execution of the decision rendered yesterday, Thursday, in order to preserve the health and safety of Moroccan society, due to the Coronavirus.

A statement from the Interior Ministry confirmed that the decision is part of a sense of responsibility and a sense of national solidarity. Morocco has confirmed 86 cases of the virus, including three deaths and two recoveries.

The statement said that "the health emergency" and restricting travel indefinitely in the country is an inevitable way to control the Corona virus, stressing that this does not mean stopping the economy, but taking exceptional measures that require to limit the movements of the citizens, in The obligation to leave the seat of the residence by delivering an official document to the men and agents of the authority.

Authorization is also granted to persons employed by businesses, factories, agricultural work and commercial installations linked to the daily life of citizens, pharmacies, banking and financial sectors, hydrocarbon supply stations, clinics and medical facilities, agencies of telecommunications companies, essential freelancers and shops selling hygiene products.

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