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Delta Airline Fined $50,000 for kicking Muslim Passengers off Flights.

Delta Airline Fined $50,000 for kicking Muslim Passengers off Flights.

Delta Airline Fined $50,000 for kicking Muslim Passengers off Flights.

A U.S. court recently fined Delta Air Lines $50,000 for kicking 3 Muslim passengers off flightsin two separate incidents.

According to a consent order released Friday by the U.S. Transportation Department,Delta airline denied that it discriminated against  these passengers but agreed it could have handled the situations differently.
Consequently, the Department of Transportation stated that Delta violated federal laws prohibiting transportation companies from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or descent.Its officials also ordered the airline "to provide cultural-sensitivity training to pilots, flight attendants and customer-service agents involved in the incidents."

Delta Airline Fined $50,000 for kicking Muslim Passengers off Flights. Source:Daily mail UK

In one case in July 2016, a Muslim couple were traveling from Paris  back home to Cincinnati. One of the passengers told a flight attendant that the couple's behavior made them "very uncomfortable and nervous," claiming that she saw the man "inserted something plastic in his watch" and that the couple were "confused, nervous, and sweating".

At the captain's request, a supervisor and a security officer in Delta interviewed the couple outside the plane.It turns out that there is nothing to fear from their behavior. But despite this, the captain refused to allow them to re-board the plane.and they flew home the next day.

In the second case, a same situation happened with a man traveling from Amsterdam to New York. The flight attendants and some passengers complained about the Muslim passenger, but the captain decided to continue with the flight after his co-pilot walked through the cabin and observed nothing remarkable.

But the flight attendants expressed that they are not uncomfortable, the captain returned to the gate and requested that the passenger be removed and booked on a later flight. 

Karen Dabdoub, the executive director of CAIR's Cincinnati branch explained that the fine is a sign that the U.S. Transportation Department is taking discrimination claims seriously.and she added "establishes a strong deterrent against future similar unlawful practices by Delta and other carriers" .

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