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The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco

Morocco This beguiling country ,rich of culture, food, architecture, cobblestone streets, and mountain views to an itinerary many times over.  It’s near impossible to imagine morocco without thinking of the jamaa el fna Extending in marrakech or the famous golden sands of the Merzouga. But Morocco has so much more than meets the eye. With that in mind, we wanted to share our favourite towns  in morocco, that will hopefully add an extra layer for you to explore on your next adventures. Not only are these towns  easy on the eye, but they’re all totally unique from each other. So whatever your taste, you’ll always find something new.


The famous travel guide - trip advisor - has released  Marrakesh as one of the best tourist cities in the world for 2015. It is considered the third largest city in Morocco in terms of population density. Marrakesh is the first destination of tourist in Morocco Due to its tourist attractions and its historical landmarks, furthermore its mild climate, it is warm in the winter and nice atmosphere in summer.

It's called the red city due to its structure is painted in red, so if you want to visit Marrakesh you don't hesitate to visit its wonderful monuments  the most famous, including   a  Majorelle Garden, which was built by French painter Jacques Majorelle, The Jemaa El Fna Square in center of Marrakesh which  you'll find the storytellers who tell interesting stories and legends. There are fortune-tellers who read the horoscopes, many monkey trainers,  comedians, musicians, as well as dentists that expose the teeth they have recently extracted, and so on.


Casablanca is  the economic capital of Morocco and its largest city. Located on the Atlantic coast about 80 km south of Rabat, it is the most populous city in the Maghreb.

There are a thousand ways to discover Casablanca. it is considered one of  the  most important tourist city in Morocco and the main destination  for businessmans and has become a large industrial and commercial center more open to the Western lifestyle than other cities of Morocco. it contains a pianos-bars, restaurants, trendy nightclubs .This city combines Moroccan architectural tradition with standards of Urbanism and modern comfort. The exploration of the nature of Casablanca and its culture are breathtaking: spectacular landscapes, lifestyles, architecture, crafts... This journey will enrich you in Emotions, knowledge and memories. Casablanca has one of the largest and most beautiful mosques on the planet, the Hassan II Mosque, a true symbol of the city, It's one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims throughout the Arab world. 


Located in northern Morocco, it was founded by Ali bin Rashid to house Andalusian Muslims after their expulsion from Spain. A charming city where blue color distinguishes its houses, it contains rugged mountainous terrain, and the presence of courtyards, mosques and the Kasbah which is the nucleus of the original city.

It was founded in 1471 on the orders of Prince  Ali Bin Rashid. Chefchaouen was well known for its Arab Andalusian architecture, its people 's passion for mysticism, and the painting of houses from abroad with blue.

It was inhabited by Andalusian Muslims who were expelled by the Spaniards, whether they were of Arab origin or the origins of Spanish they were embraced was also considered a fortress where the Mujahideen were protected from Attacks and colonialism.


Fes is the queen of the Moroccan Imperial cities,  the second biggest city in Morocco after Casablanca and the second destination of tourists after Marrakesh and it is the capital of Morocco In the Al-Addressa era, Fez is a stronghold for intellectuals and religious scholars throughout the history. On its land were built palaces, mosques and old schools, and fountains .it is called the spiritual heart of Morocco. Within its Antique walls, you’ll find the place where old Morocco still exists that astonishes visitors with its beauty and fragrant history. Characterized by the presence of doors and fences around the old Medina. And historical mosques. And schools like the Attarin School, the Bouanania School,and the University of Karaouine, which is the oldest university in the world founded in the year 859 AD. 

For the lovers of the Mousems, Fez gives an appointment every year for those looking for the culture and civilization of the old city: Moulay Abdallah ben Brahim is celebrated in May, Sidi Lahcen ben Ahmed in August and September has two: Moulay Idriss II and Moulay Idris Zerhoun.


Located In the southeast of Morocco, the city of Merzouga, which is called "Bahr al-Rimal" and "Durrat Al-Maghribia", is 130 km from the city of Errachidia, which has vast sandy areas that visitors can heal from rheumatism.

Merzouga dunes stretching 22 km and five km wide offer the opportunity to reflect on the change of sand colors according to the change in daylight, especially when squaring on top of those dunes, which are the highest in Morocco, most of the people of Merzouga find their simplicity away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life , In particular thanks to traditional music, hospitality and other things that people inherited from their ancestors.
The city can be reached by land or air, the road runs from the city of Errachidia, which is a transit point for any traveler to the region, and due to the city's status and attractiveness, a direct line between Casablanca and Merzouga was operated by public transport bus during the summer.

As for the air route, it is via the air route that started early last summer between Casablanca and Errachidia. When the traveler arrives at Moulay Ali Sharif airport, he needs to take a taxi to reach the Merzouga area.


Agadir sits by the Atlantic Ocean on Morocco’s southern coast. Agadir was completely rebuilt following a devastating earthquake in 1960,so it lacks the history of the other, older cities. it is the most modern of the country’s cities, but still retains a sense of its past. It is characterized by its mild weather, the length of its beach, its golden sands, and the Moroccan architecture that characterized its tourist hotels. 

It has the most important landmarks such as Olhao Park, Bird Valley, Hope’ll find a wide variety of different restaurants and cafes around the Marina and popular areas. French restaurants and cafes line the streets along the beach-front, as well as restaurants specializing in Spanish tapas, Italian dining, and even Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese and sushi restaurants.


Located on the Mediterranean coast  at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, it is the meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, and the meeting point between the European and African continent. It is characterized by its rich history from ancient times to today, and contains many antique fences. definitly  it is a city worth to at the top of your travel bucket list as it has a distinctly unique feel you won’t find elsewhere in Morocco,moreover,Tangier is an uncontrolled blend of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France, and is the perfect melting pot for the culturally hungry mind. Ferries daily cross the Strait of Gibraltar to this city from Europe, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa.


when you arrive in Ifrane The first time you'll be surprised  with the quality and quantity of Moroccan experiences on offer. Enjoy the still lakes and raging waterfalls that empty their chilly waters into the valleys, which are surrounded by the world's biggest cedar forest. These trees form solemn silhouettes against the slopes of the Middle Atlas Mountains they blanket with a green mantle.the city is enclosed in a natural park. You'll love meandering through these superb settings. 
One of the favorite places for visitors to seek relaxation and recreation, because it enjoys a moderate atmosphere characterized by kindness, and this was increased by the magnitude of the many parks, which had a great role in attracting tourists, so it is characterized that it is a city that does not know tranquility, given the presence of international tourism throughout the year, if it is in Summer, even if in the winter in order to practice sports, especially skiing, especially that it has the largest African ski resort, its tourist resorts, restaurants and hotels have diversified, and it is also famous for the sport of hunting, as it is attended by all Moroccan fishing enthusiasts and even foreigners. The city of Ifrane is famous for its great openness when compared to the rest of the cities of Morocco, due to the mediation of both Fez, Meknes and Erfoud, and it has established many Amazigh trade markets, which have promoted the Amazigh carpet products, which are known as Hanbal.and also the products that are famous for them, such as wood, engraving, and also iron.                                                                                                                                   


 The city of Essaouira or Mogador city is one of oldest and most interesting  cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, I'is easily accessible from Marrakech or Agadir about 2 hours  by bus or car.The city also contain an airport located near the city of Essaouira,it is Essaouira Mogador International Airport.
Among its  walls, you will uncover the charming atmosphere of Essaouira with its white houses with blue windows, quiet squares and artisans in small workshops. The beautiful and fortified harbor with its local wooden boats will give you the best entertainment opportunities while enjoying the most Delicious seafood dishes on the outdoor grills. It also awaits you from recreational places, attractions and unforgettable activities.


The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco
The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Morocco

Rabat is the political and administrative capital  of morocco. One of the country’s four imperial cities, it is located on the Atlantic coast at the left bank of the mouththe of the Wadi Bou Regreg,  it is a best tourist destination for those looking for a relaxed and soothing destination,   it is a peaceful town located in Morocco, the capital city of the Kingdom, where the Royal Family lives for most of the year, and full of amazing little spots and activities ,it includes a university called Mohamed V University, and is considered the first modern university established in the Kingdom of Morocco. There's a clean central beach, and Kasbah challah is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Rabat, as it embodies many of the features of the Andalusian civilization represented in its narrow streets dyed blue, and its Andalusian gardens full of beautiful roses, and an attractive walled medina that is far less touristy than those in other large cities. All in one, the city is a good choice for a short sojourn.

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