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Muslim call for prayer recited first time in Amsterdam

Muslim Call for Prayer Recited First Time in Amsterdam.

Muslim call for prayer recited first time in Amsterdam -via

Friday 15 November 2019 was Historical day in the Land of windmills Amsterdamas, that Amsterdam’s Blue Mosque recited the call to prayer over loudspeakers . With a heavy presence of the press and residents in the courtyard of the Blue Mosque, the muezzin of the mosque, with a wonderful voice, raised the call to prayer for Friday prayers.

Most of the attendees expressed their comfort and sympathy. Muslim communities in the Netherlands and the Moroccan ones in particular interacted with the event in which they saw a positive step devoted to the values of a multicultural homeland, and promoted the principles of tolerance, coexistence and mutual respect between all components of Dutch society.

Nourdeen Wildeman, a spokesperson for the Blue Mosque, told Dutch news outlet Anadolu Agency that they were happy and honored to finally hear the Adhaan (call to prayer) after a failed attempt the week before.

Stating that 7% of the mosques in the Netherlands have been reciting the Adhaan over the speakers for years, Wildeman noted that it was the first time for the capital city

In the Netherlands where freedom of religion is protected by the Constitution, it is allowed for all religions to call its believers to worship by a law regulated in 1980.

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