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Morocco is the first country to recognize the U.S Independence

Morocco is The First Country to Recognize The U.S Independence.

Morocco is The First Country to Recognize The U.S independence-via

On 4 June 2009, in Cairo, the American President Barack Obama delivered his famous speech to the Muslim world. Speaking of US-Arab relations, he stated that Morocco is the first country in the world to recognize the independence of the United States.

Obama was referring to the Moroccan Sultan Muhammad ibn Abdullah, nicknamed "Muhammad III" had released an official order 
 in 1863 stating: “the Confederate States of America are fighting the government with whom we are in friendship and good relations….If any vessel of the so-called Confederate States enters your port, it shall not be received, but you must order it away on pain of seizure; and you will act on this subject in cooperation with the United States….” it is document that would allow America to conduct commercial activities with Morocco like other countries.

An expert in Moroccan-American relations, Anwar Majeed, confirms that "Moroccan sultans were looking at America as the distant ally, and Sultan Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman, also known as Muhammad IV, would prefer to hand over his country to the United States than to occupy it with strength European".

The Moroccan and American Treaty of Friendship signed in 1786 is Currently the oldest treaty of friendship in American camps.

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