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Moroccan mint tea is one of the most famous Moroccan-origin drinks, a green tea mixed with mint leaves and is usually served in decorated cups and silver jug, a hot beverage that provides the body freshness and vitalit ,in addition to this the moroccan mint tea is a part of everyday Moroccan life.Where he attends throughout day, at all times whether in the early morning, or even late at night,for Moroccans the mint tea before it is a daily as hot drink, is also a way to welcome guests,as you cannot enter any Moroccan house without sipping Moroccan mint tea.The Moroccan mint is one of the best you can eat while you come to Morocco, and don't forget to try other types that you have to discover for yourself.

 History of Moroccan Tea

The history of Moroccan tea dates back to the 18th century and began spreading through Morocco in the middle of the nineteenth century when Morocco became involved in trade with Europe. Thus, it seems that the entry of tea into Morocco was in the era of Sultan Moulay Ismail, where the latter received bags of sugar and tea as a gifts presented by the European envoys, as a prelude to the release of European prisoners, which shows its scarcity in Morocco at the time.

The introduction of tea into Morocco since the beginning of the twentieth century by English merchants through Gibraltar, has spread within Moroccan society, and occupied a special place in the center of Morocco.

 Moroccan Tea Service—Teapot, Glasses, and Tray



the Moroccan tea service is considered a symbol of  Moroccan authenticity both in everyday life and in occasions , and all the Moroccan families own at least one fine tea service which is reserved for special occasions and serving guests,it contains  an engraved Moroccan teapot (berrad), tea glasses, and serving tray. made of pure silver metal, or similar metal, and the tray is decorated with hand-carved, The city of Fez is the main source of tea utensils, where craftsmen have preserved the traditional Andalusian handicraft industry,. Accompanying the tray and teapot are other tools called Rbaiaa, three cans of the same metal, intended for tea, sugar and mint.

Moroccan Mint tea Recipe


  • 2 tablespoon Green tea
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • large handful mint
  • 6 cups boiling water


  1. Put 2 teaspoons of green tea to teapot (can hold half a liter of water), 
  2. then add a cup of boiling hot water and leave it for a minute.
  3. Then pour this water from the  teapot , but be careful not to stir it and keep it aside for later use. 
  4. Then add another half cup of hot water, but this time we move the pitcher and pour this water and throw it, this way we wash the tea to get a pure and delicious tea.
  5. Next we put in the teapot a cup of tea extract that we previously kept and fill the jug with boiling hot water and leave room to put mint. Then add the mint and the appropriate amount of sugar (as desired).

Moroccan tea is not exclusively flavored with mint, however; other aromatic herbs such as sage, wormwood, lemon verbena, wild thyme, and wild geranium are also used.

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