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With the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, choosing the best time to visit Morocco isn’t always easy.  there are four seasons of those in Morocco, are very well defined. Winter brings serious snow in the High Atlas. Spring brings cooler times in the desert. Summer is unbearable in the desert, but great in the mountains. And autumn brings lovely balmy beach life. But every season brings something sensational in Morocco.
The best time to go to Morocco is spring or autumn, when the temperatures are the most pleasant. In summer, temperatures can be stifling and winter puts less emphasis on the charms of Morocco, especially as it may rain in the north. If you stand the heat or go to the mountains, you can also go from May to September.

 Morocco in Spring or Autumn

April-May and September-October.

The mid-season is the best time for a trip to Morocco. The climate is so very mild, conducive to many activities, such as hiking in the Sahara desert or elsewhere, rafting, surfing, relaxation in the hammams or pools, beaches, etc.

 Morocco in Winter

From December to February.

The winter in Morocco lends itself to different activities: trekking in the Sahara Desert, on camels or on foot, and even skiing in Oukaïmeden resort, quite popular at this time. 

Morocco in Summer

From June to August.

The summer in Morocco is very hot. Marrakech is then overwhelmed by a stifling heat, making any activity other than swimming in the pool of your hotel difficult. But if you support high temperatures, you can enjoy your summer in Morocco to swim and laze on the beaches. It is however much too hot in the Sahara to tackle a trek or a hike.

Best time to enjoy beaches in Morocco

From April to October.

Morocco will seduce lovers of idleness on the beach. Enjoy moments of relaxation on the long beach of Agadir or go on an adventure towards Tangier. Of course, you will not miss the beach of Marabout either. Leave between April and October to enjoy the warmest temperatures.

Best time to trek in the Sahara in Morocco

From October to May

One of the must-sees during your trip to Morocco is the discovery of the splendor of the Sahara. Go on a trek in Figuig, in the east of the country, or practice sandboard Erg Chebbi and meet nomads Berbers. Privilege the months of October to May to leave to discover the Moroccan desert.

 Best time for relaxing trip to Morocco

April-May and September-October.

If there is one destination where it is necessary to have fun, it is in Morocco. Discover the happiness of hammams and local spas, or enjoy the infinity pools of some seaside towns ... Go preferably in the spring and fall to enjoy the best climate possible during your relaxing trip.

 Best time for sports trip to Morocco

September-October and December-May.

Practice white water rafting or kayaking in the Atlas, and get started surfing around Essaouira. You can also go on a traditional camel ride in the Sahara and sleep in the desert. These activities are preferably done in the spring and fall. And why not go skiing in Morocco? Oukaïmeden station, not far from Marrakech, welcomes skiers all year long when snowfall is important, with a peak of attendance between December and March.

 Best time for hiking in Morocco

April-May and September-October.

Morocco is a perfect hiking area, and you can also go climbing. You will tread the soil of the High Atlas, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, and climb the Jebel Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa. Preferably leave in the spring or fall.

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