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There is no doubt that you are looking for an exceptional tourist destination but you did not choose yet the ideal address.

 In this article  we will  highlight  the greatness of tourism Morocco Sahara Desert which attracts a high percentage of tourists from all over the world, and we will mentionne the most important activities you can do during your visit, especially if you are one of  vast deserts and ' lovers .
So before you travel to Morocco ... concentrate on these tips!

Tips before the treking

before the start you Make sure you get a Sufficient water, recharge your appliances because it is hard to have  power outlets in the desert camps. make sure to get a handy flashlight is available especialy for the bathrom in the night. Wear loose, lightweight, comfortable clothing that protects you from the sun and is not affected by heat.

you must know that there two trips the first start from Marrakech is located about 600 km from Merzouga, a town located near the famous Erg Chebbi sand dunes (a giant sand dunes of more than 520 feet that most tourists look for when traveling to the desert in Morocco, one of the most things you will ever see. The total silence that meets you in the desert, and the way you can really lose yourself in the extended sand as far as you can see, is unbelievable).  and about 360 km from Zagora, near  the Erg Chigaga dunes.and the seconde one start from Fez is loceted about 470 km from Marzouka and 670 km from Zagora.  
during this trips you have to take  a long bus or 4x4 ride .Travel from Marrakech or Fez to the Sahara will take a full day of driving (from 8 to 12 hours).Although the mileage does not all look very bad, driving over the Atlas mountain passes and one-lane highways can fill much of the day.

the wonderful landscipes of morocco sahara desert


along this trip you will discover beautiful scenery as you cross the mountains, with remote barbarian villages confined between the hills. Watching the landscape of the mountains gradually shifting from rocky formation to sand dunes spotted through the window is interesting.

Once you arrive in the small desert town of Marzouga, one of Morocco's most famous tourist spots, its golden sands and strategic location give visitors the chance to see the most beautiful sights of  sunset in the world. The city is also famous for its healing  of back pain and joints. The residents of the city to prepare the drilling dedicated to patients wishing to immerse their bodies in the sand.

Riding a Camels

 It is the ideal experience that tourists can take to make it easy to get to know this desert. The camel is a basic way of looking at the desert and will provide you with this bright feeling. The bushnole orchard, rich in palm trees and olives and enjoy the splendor of its scenery.

After the departure, the journey to the desert camp takes about one hour from Marzouga. But it is very important to cover your head because the desert sun stays strong, even if you drink enough water. 

When  is the best time of year to travel to Morocco Sahara desert?

The best time to visit Morocco Sahara Desert is between May and October so it is at moderate temperatures during the day. During the desert winter (especially in December and January) temperatures fall below freezing. Sandstorms are more frequent between January and May. Summer months (June to September) can be unbearably hot with high temperatures in July and August often exceeding 50 ° C 

Berber Hospitality


Spend the night in a desert camp under the stars.Often the nights are organized in the Bedouin tents in the desert, which most tourists attend and enjoy a magical and unique atmosphere. . When the sun sets above the sand dunes it is easy to feel like you are in a dream. Your hosts will present a delicious meal, so the only thing you have to worry about it is  enjoy the atmosphere and looking at the ever-changing wonderful shadows and spectacular sunset views.and spend a night under the stars. the adventure in morocco sahara desert represent a  opportunity not to be missed.

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