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couscous recipe

The couscous is a Moroccan delicious dish, and very famous, made from crushed and steamed semolina served as with meat or chicken, with the spicy sauce, it is cooked each  Friday in all the Moroccan houses, Couscous is prepared in two parallel stages: couscous preparation, and gravy preparation.

Couscous Recipe

the Ingredients:
1 Kg of meat  cut into small pieces
1 Kg of couscous
1 glass of oil
2 liters of water
Two slices of onions sliced
1/5 kg of tomato sliced
Bouquet of coriander and parsley
1/5 Kg of carrots
1/5 kg of Turnips
1/5 kg of Cabbage
1/5 kg of zucchini
1/5 kg of Pumpkin
Two tablespoons of ghee
One hundred grams of chickpeas dipped in water
Teaspoon of salt
teaspoon of pepper
teaspoon of ginger

 Couscous Preparation

couscous recipe
couscous recipe

Place the couscous in a bowl, and  add two tablespoons of  oil, And rub the seeds couscous so as not to stick with each other 
Sprinkle the couscous seeds whit half a liter of salted water, and rub it with hands to separate the beads from each other...
Place the couscous in the special saucepan is the upper part, allowing the steam to escape until it is cooked. 
When the steam rises heavily above the couscous, place the couscous in a bowl and sprinkle with cold water with the rub to separate the grains from each other, and then put the couscous back in the saucepan.
Repeat this step two more times,   in the last,  add the ghee to the couscous. 

Gravy Preparation.

Place the meat, chopped onions, oil, salt, black pepper, and ginger in the cooking pot and then fry for 5 minutes with continuous stirring.
Add a liter of water and leave to simmer for half an hour.
Add tomatoes, Turnips, carrots, Cabbage, zucchini, Pumpkin, and a bouquet of coriander and parsley, then add enough water to cook on medium heat until cooked.

Submitting of the Plat

Place the couscous in a bowl, then place the meat over it, then the vegetables, then the gravy.

                                                       Good Appetite

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