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The traditions of circumcision in Morocco include many celebrations that can last from 3 days to a week, depending on the family and the region. Celebrations are always an ideal opportunity to bring together Moroccan families and show the richness of Moroccan customs and traditions through the authentic Moroccan dress of Tchchita, Qaftan and Moroccan cuisine, represented by a range of delicious dishes such as couscous and all kinds of tajine.

On the first day, it was usually passed in a nice manner, the women meet gathered in the celebration house to sort wheat from impurities and prepare the couscous in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

On the second day, the ritual of celebrating the mother begins and often goes with her neighbors and her family to the traditional hammam. Then decorate her hair with henna and her fingernail, which is called a "Tssoulifa".
After returning to the house henna is also placed for a child, wearing new clothes and gifts are presented to the mother and often this gift is money.

On the third day, official celebrations begin with the ride of the authentic Arabian horse, decorated with a red or green saddle. The child wears special clothing contain Jalaba and Selham and white Trousers decorated with green color and yellow Babouch. The procession goes on a tour of the surrounding neighborhoods accompanied by a popular band. The march is then returned to the house in order to begin circumcision. Usually, a specialist or doctor is called to the house to perform the operation with the help of a family member and under the chants of the women. The operation takes place in a specially equipped room for the occasion. After the operation, the child is given to the mother to calm him down.

On the last day, the official banquet is held in the presence of the parents and relatives and presents are given to the child and his mother.

But all these rites began to break down. Circumcision became a small party, attended by a few family members, where a family dinner or family meal was attended.

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