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Advantages of Morocco

You are welcome to Morocco if it is the first time you will visit Morocco you must know you are welcome in the most beautiful country in the world, You'll find wonderful landscapes that you have never seen,  One of the most attractive countries for foreign tourists due to its tourist attractions and its imperial cities.
Morocco has a deep-rooted civilization where there is the first university in the world el-Quaraouine which a number of the largest philosophers in the world has graduated from it, including Ibn Khaldun who is famous in sociology.

You are welcome to a country of different cultures and customs, Each region has a specific culture. The north is different from the south and from the center of the kingdom. All this and the Amazigh culture remains completely different, the Amazigh people live mainly in the country’s mountainous regions, they are considered the indigenous people of Morocco, they basically speak the Berber language.

You are welcome to the country of different religions in Morocco you find the churches, the mosques and the Temples side by side without problems, in Morocco the Muslims, the Jews, and the Christians live in peace and this is one of the characteristics of Morocco. This mixing led to the openness of Moroccans to other cultures and influenced by them. they are friendly, generous and hospitable people, accept each other, and they open their doors for the others.

Moroccan dialect is our language it is a bit difficult, but you don't worry because the majority of Moroccan can speak French and English that's why you are not going to find any difficulties to communicate.

There are a lot of  Hotels from 5 stars to 2 stars, the motels, and the small houses that produce a good service with the acceptable prices, In order to eat, there are restaurants, snacks but you must always choose where to eat.

The currency in Morocco is the Dirham,  you can change in the banks, or in small authorized agencies for currency exchange or in hotels reception you are staying in, in some places you can pay in foreign currency but in all cases, I advise you to change and pay in Dirhams.

Tourism in Morocco

There is everything the tourist can love in Morocco:
The seas: surrounding Morocco the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the  Mediterranean Sea to the North. If you are a swim and surfing enthusiast, Morocco will provide an opportunity to practice it especially in the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Tanger...

the mountains: there are three mountains ranges Atlas mountains so if you are a snowboarding enthusiast you will have a winter date to visit Morocco Ifran, Ourika In the areas of Marrakech

the desert: around half of Morocco is a Desert you must visit El-ayoune and Merzouga with its warm sand that treats a number of ailments. south of Morocco is interesting you must visit it.

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