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Moroccans are peoples known through history of hospitality and generosity, which is one of the ancient qualities inherited through the generations, today in this article we will learn more about the customs and traditions of Morocco and this time with the Moroccan hospitality rituals.

The Traditions of Hospitality 

If you visit Morocco, especially in rural areas, you will know the true meaning of Moroccan hospitality, which is based on authentic customs and traditions. Once you arrive in Morocco, the invitation will undoubtedly be for to have tea, lunch or dinner,  especially if you are a foreigner. Without a need to be sure who you are. In fact, visiting a Moroccan home is a great opportunity to discover a different aspect of life and the culture of ancient Moroccans.

In the tradition of Moroccan hospitality guests are greeted in the living room, a private room usually the largest room in the house decorated with Moroccan pillows, tables, and mattresses and used as an additional bedroom for guests or friends who spend the night.

After the welcome, authentic Moroccan tea is served in beautiful utensils and mugs that bring joy and pleasure to those who drink tea, (the tea is a mix of boiled water, green tea,  sugar, and minted leaves )accompanied by multiple choices of Moroccan  desserts such as Fakkas, Ghouraiba, Kaab El  Ghazal.

Moroccan hospitality is not limited to tea and dessert only but must be followed by a group of Moroccan delicacies, Moroccan cuisine is the world's most diverse cuisine and this is because of its openness to the outside world, it is a combination of kitchen Berber and Andalusian and African.  and extensive use of spices in Moroccan cuisine increases the richness And diversity. Traditionally during hospitality, the Tagine is served as an initial dish( Tagine is a pot made of pottery and it is distinguished by the fact that it is able to maintain the nutritional values of the cooked items, it also gives the foods distinctive flavor that does not appear in any kind of dishes prepared) followed by couscous or pastel, followed by a Saffa dish followed by a fruit platter as a final meal. Moroccans serve many dishes in one meal and usually eat together around a single table. if you want to enjoy Moroccan hospitality, please do not be shy or strange. Moroccans are always happy to welcome guests at home.
 after each meal, the Moroccans will offer a glass of mint tea as a complement to Moroccan hospitality accompanied by dry fruits.

Moroccan families share everything with their guests naturally and spontaneously. They offer them comfort and attention. The best thing to do in return is to show kindness and respect to maintain this relationship for as long as possible.
Moroccan hospitality is a good experience that you do not have to miss. However, it will show you the Moroccan family charm and will introduce you to one of the oldest traditions in the world.

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