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Lake Bin El-Ouidane is one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Azilal, in the center of the Atlas,  it is an artificial lake created by the French during the colonial period in 1953 of the last century.

The study was initiated by the French in1929. the construction of the dam began in1948, the lake dam is 132 meters high,  its width is 290 meters,  allowing storage of 1.5 billion cubic meters of water,  the lake is about 120 meters deep and began the exploit its waters in 1953.

The river's water flows about three rivers: among them, the river  Ahansal and the valley of the Slaves and penetrates the canals of the mountains to reach the hydroelectric compound to reach the city of Afourer.

Helping to produce about 600 billion kilowatt-hours per hour,  occupying second place nationally,  its water contributes to the watering of thousands of hectares such as the plains of Tadla- Tansift to Sraghna.

 Bin El-Ouidane become a tourist attraction all over the world, over the year it is a destination for foreign tourists and Moroccans at the same time. it is a quiet place where you can feel comfortable and calm, It is a haven and refuge for those who escape the noise of the city. And seekers of simple rural comfort, as it is a destination for researchers of mountain tourism.

The water of the lake is fresh and pure and the nature around it magnificent, tourists and visitors can fish in their water,  or ride in small or large boats to roam or practice sea sports and swimming,  the lake is rich in various species of fish
The lake is worth to visit for its tourist qualifications whether by tourists around the world or Moroccans

I hope you will visit it because it is actually is worth visiting, the area is available on infrastructure such as hotels and restaurant you can stay on its banks by setting up a tent to save money.

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